Dịch vụ


  • Beer

    30.000 ₫
    Lao Cai, Ha Noi, Tiger Beer.
  • Coca, Sprite, Tonic, Soda, Fanta, 7UP

    30.000 ₫

    45.000 ₫
    Black coffee, White coffee, Vietnamese Latte.
  • Fresh tea

    45.000 ₫
    Matcha & Brown rice tea, Chrysanthemum tea, Ginger & Lemongrass Tea, Lemon & Lemongrass Tea, Hot chocolate, Sapa Tea.
  • Smoothie

    69.000 ₫
    Mango, pineapple, Banana, Orange, Watermelon.
  • Fresh Juice

    69.000 ₫
    Passion, Orange, Watermelon, Pineapple.
  • Mocktails

    90.000 ₫
    Sapa Sunset, Virgin Colada, Cinderella, Roy Rogers, Orange Smile.
  • Cocktails

    90.000 ₫
    with base Gin, Rum, Tequilla, Vodka.
  • Hot DRINKS (alcohol)

    85.000 ₫
    Hot wine, Hot Grog.

Hotel, resort, lodge

  • Room for rent

    1.500.000 ₫
    Deluxe Bungalow Room with Balcony Mountain view. It is included enough facility in the room: Air- Condition, Bathroom, Towel, Hair dryer, Tea and Coffee. You will have good Relax and Retreat in the Eco Park garden and The Room with balcony also. Sapa Eco Home is in the Village so you can easy trekking to visit the Local people and enjoy the beautiful with Hoang Lien Son Mountain and Muong Hoa Valley. Come as guest, stay as A Family
  • Bungalow/ Lodge/ Hotel/ Homestay/ Guest house

    1.500.000 ₫
    Deluxe Bungalow with Balcony Mountain view
  • Bungalow in Lodge

    1.500.000 ₫
    Deluxe Bungalow with Mountain view


  • VietNam family meal set- Set cơm VietNam

    180.000 ₫
    n today's fast food industry life is popular to the young generation, the Familymeal Set “mâm cơm gia đình” plays an important role to prevent the Vietnamesecultures. The routine of eating together sitting around the round tray displayed thetypically Vietnamese food is a way to build good relationship and make aconnection of love for each family members. We share a meal, talk to each other,where we are happy and put aside our work to take time for each family members.Eating is not just a need of body. Food made with love is also a way we care for oursoul. These food cooked by our “Mom” that she spends most of her time in thekitchen preparing us the daily meals. “Mâm cơm” is also represent the image of ourMom, a women sends all her love and passion to create the stunning dishes forFamily. Whenever we stay away from Home, a similar set of Vietnamese meals atanother place always reminds us our Mom's love. Our food is prepared on siteusing the freshest and locally sourced ingre
  • Hot Pot

    450.000 ₫
    Hot Pot (Sturgeon/ Salmon)/ Salmon Salad (26 Usd/kg); Chicken Hot Pot with vegetable andmushroom (20Usd/2 people);Vegetarian Hot Pot (20Usd/ set)
  • Charcoal grilled pork with noodle- Bún thịt nướng

    90.000 ₫
  • Fried noodle/Fried rice

    90.000 ₫
    (Fried with chicken/pork/ or mushroom) included vegetable, served with soya sauce.
  • Fresh/fried spring roll

    90.000 ₫
    Vegeatarian or with meat.
  • Noodle soup

    45.000 ₫
    (with chiken /with egg and vegatable)
  • Spaghetti

    115.000 ₫
    (beef or no beef)
  • Brown rice salad with chicken

    90.000 ₫
  • Vietnamese pancake

    90.000 ₫
    (rice flour used in the pancake mix, coconut, being the liquidingredient, carrot, cabbage and Salmon/Pork, dip with fish sauceor soya sauce)
  • French Fried/ Sweet potato fried

    69.000 ₫
  • Soup

    50.000 ₫
    (Sour soup with pork, vegetarian soup, pumpkin soup)
  • Banana flower salad - Nộm hoa chuối

    90.000 ₫
  • Banana cooked with tofu and rice

    90.000 ₫
  • Desert

    45.000 ₫
    Banana cake, sweet potato cake, mixed fruit, mixed fruit with yogurt
  • Set for ENJOYING

    250.000 ₫

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